Homeowners Insurance To Value / Coverage A Review Programs

A less costly and more efficient alternative to physical inspections, URI's program helps you picture the risk by direct contact with the policyholder. Our solution provides you with updated ITV information, internal home items such as wiring, plumbing and home upgrades. It also addresses other exterior Hazard Exposure issues such a pools, trampolines, vicious dogs, age of roof and roof condition, etc.

URI's Policyholder Sensitive approach educates the policyholder prior to contacting them to review specific aspects of their home. This data is compiled and provided to you so a new Coverage A value can be developed. Our programs create a more valuable book of business and ensure your policyholders are more adequately covered in case of a loss, a marketing executive's dream!

While it may be the agent's and policyholder's responsibility to keep their policy information up to date; the fact is they simply do not. Agents are busy with new business goals and policyholders think they are fully covered regardless of their rating information. Keeping your policies up to date not only benefits your loss ratio and bottom line but also provides peace of mind that all of your homeowners are covered in event of a major loss; it's a small price to pay.

A few of the key areas identified in this system comprise of:

  • Does home really qualify for alarm discount
  • Square foot validation
  • Improvements (Remodels, Additions and detached structures)
  • Age of Home
  • Additional Hazard Exposures (swimming pools, trampolines, dogs, etc…)
  • Updates of Roof and Utility Systems (electrical, plumbing)