Premium Leakage – Rate Integrity

Regardless of your rating criteria and plan there are always areas for Premium Leakage. Our programs cut to the heart of the issue by working with the policyholder to obtain correct firsthand information that addresses all areas of potential leakage. If changes are required to a policy, they are made based on factual information directly from the policyholder.

URI's Rate Integrity programs are a systematic approach that provides up to date information enabling you to properly classify and rate your personal lines or commercial automobile business. Our Policyholder Sensitive approach consistently generates on average 3.5 to 1 return on investment while operating at less than .01% complaint rate.

Whether it is an entire book of business, a specific state, or poor performing agents URI's Predictive Analysis identifies policies with the highest likelihood for change. This option not only reduces our client's investment; eliminating those policies that have a low likelihood for change but also narrows the scope of policies they touch each year and increases the ROI. Let URI conduct a pilot program with you today, the results speak for themselves.

We will update and verify existing information including:

  • Distance traveled to work, school or commuter point
  • Commercial or Business usage
  • Annual Mileage
  • Vehicle Titleholder/Registered Owner
  • Operator assignment
  • Undisclosed drivers
  • Gender and Marital-Status rating
  • Garaging Location
  • Youthful from Occasional to Principal Operator
  • Occupation Change
  • Years Driving/Licensed Changes