Insurance Information Services

Founded in 1961 URI Information Services has provided the Insurance Industry Profit and Performance Improvement Programs for over 50 years. Specializing in the collection, compilation, and reporting of up to date information, URI employs today's technology to help our clients better understand their risks, more accurately rate their policies and ensure their policyholders are adequately covered in case of a major loss.

With the personal attention you expect, URI will create a bespoke program that fits your current needs and objectives. The use of our Predictive Analysis allows URI to better select those policies having the highest likelihood for change. Increasing your ROI, lessening your production time while reducing the number of policyholder contacts. This creates a winning approach as you seek to strengthen your bottom line. Allow URI's Auto Premium Leakage, Homeowner Coverage (ITV), Agent satisfaction Surveys or Claim Satisfaction programs to generate new information and create winning results.


AVP Application Validation Program – Mistakes, misrepresentation and coaching plague a large percentage of new business as policies are being written. Whether it's a savvy policyholder, an agent that is massaging information to get the new business or a simple mistake on the entry phase, rating errors do exist. URI's AVP process is designed to obtain the correct information in the initial policy underwriting review periodthose first 20 – 45 days when you still have time to correctly price or get off the risk before the policy is bound.

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Premium Leakage and Rate Integrity Programs

Premium Leakage and Rate Integrity Programs – Regardless of your rating criteria and plan there are always areas for Premium Leakage. Our programs cut to the heart of the issue by working with the policyholder to obtain correct firsthand information that addresses all areas of potential leakage. If changes are required to a policy, they are made based on factual information directly from the policyholder.

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MIS – Missing Information Surveys – Are your underwriters consumed with work? Is it taking weeks to hear back from an agent regarding additional information requested for a new or renewing policy? Did you just find out that your percentage of Homeowner and Auto credits seem high but you have no efficient system to review them? Undisclosed drivers have been located however; additional information is required before they can be added to the policy. URI has developed an extremely user friendly process where 'bits and pieces' of information can be requested on a single policy at a time.

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Homeowners Insurance To Value / Coverage A Review Programs – A less costly and more efficient alternative to physical inspections, URI's program helps you picture the risk by direct contact with the policyholder. Our solution provides you with updated ITV information, internal home items such as wiring, plumbing, home upgrades and addresses other exterior Hazard Exposure issues such a pools, trampolines, vicious dogs, age of roof, roof condition, etc.

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Market Research

Do your clients feel comfortable referring you to friends? Is your online policy management system difficult to navigate and causing agents to take their business elsewherenot to write business with you? Are your clients happy with the way their claim was handled? Chances are you are like most Insurance Companies and you think you know but have never actually gone to the source. These are just a few of the problems facing all insurance companies and URI is here to help!

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